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Sometimes we just want to spend time with someone who understands....
Hi I am Rosie,  Wife, Mum of 4, Business Creator, Author, Top 10 Podcaster and Advocate for Mums!
As a young Mum, I lost my Mum when my first baby was only 9 months old...All of the questions, the challenges and everything in between I did without my Mum. It was hard, but step by step I found the answers, the guides and some really amazing Mummy mentors.
Being a Mother is rewarding and soul inspiring, but it can also be complicated, confusing and overwhelming at times. We all have our own unique journeys and there is no one size fits all. We want to take bits and pieces of information from different places and find our own way, because being a Mum is about trusting our instincts.
Even though our children are so important to us, we also want to feel connected  as Women. 
Everything that I have created is to Help Women feel heard, supported and connected.
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Letters to My SisterS

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