Journal to Joy 


Do you ever wish that Journaling was simpler to do?...
After 10 + years of journaling and using countless  Journal's, some of which were good, some not so good...I  had compiled all the things that I knew would make a journal simple, effective and beautiful at the same time. 
This was why Journal to Joy was created,  a beautiful Journal that would be simple for Busy Mum's and Women to use. A Journal not just for the experienced, but one for newbies too.
♥ A Beautiful Soft Suede cover and High Quality paper for writing, make this an experience and something for you to keep and reflect on in the future.
♥ Plenty of writing space for your Daily Reflection ( I always hated running out of writing space in previous journals).
♥ Simple guided instructions with examples, showing you how to set goals and create affirmations of your complexity here.
♥ 180 Pages to cover you for 90 days of Gratitude, Affirmations and Goal-setting and Daily Reflection.
♥ Manufactured in Ireland, supporting local Irish jobs 
♥ Ships globally.

a BEAUTIFULLY Guided Journaling experience 

Busy Mum's and Women need a Simple Daily Journaling routine, so each day you will.....
♥ Focus on 3 things you are grateful for. ↠ Gratitude helps us make good days great and bad days better.
♥ Compile your Top Priorities for the Day. ↠ We are busy, so it's time to focus and simplify our to-do lists.
♥ Write out 3 Powerful yet Simple Affirmations based on your Future Goals. ↠ Hope and something to strive for creates change. (Sample Goal Affirmations provided).
♥ Reflect on your day, taking note of the thoughts, feelings and events that shaped your day. ↠ Reflection anchors us and helps our perspective, you can look back on just how far you have come.
     ♥ Make memories & create a beautiful life you love, one day at a time!